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    Regency / City Programs Must Be In Accordance with Provincial Programs


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government held a public consultation forum and a series of RKPD Musrenbang (Regional Government Work Plans) in 2020. Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum, opened the forum presenting West Java Regent Regents, Director General of Regional and Regional Development Ministry PPN / Bappenas, Director General of Regional Development Planning of the Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as community leaders.

    Deputy Governor Uu said, the forum in order to formulate the direction of government policy in 2020 was deliberately held earlier. The reason is to build togetherness with the City District government in aligning the program according to the vision of innovation and collaboration.

    "Why is this event held earlier because we want to be together with the Kokab governments. So our vision is the realization of West Java champion born with innovation and collaboration," he said.

    According to him, the policies and programs issued by the West Java Provincial Government must also be the Regional Government and City Government programs. Likewise the opposite program from the region is also the provincial government program.

    "What has the community and the region is actually our Mayor Regents only limited to the authority granted but the purpose is of course for the welfare of the community. All must be in a unity that cannot be separated," said Uu.

    Deputy Governor does not want each region to run without collaboration with other regions.

    "So do not be alone who ultimately do not help each other or collaboration. We have a budget and strength, for example 50% by us, 50% is by the region," he explained.

    The development priorities in West Java during Governor Ridwan Kamil's leadership included improving education access, decentralizing health services, economic-based community economic growth, developing tourism destinations and infrastructure, religious education and champion places of worship, regional connectivity infrastructure, village building movements, free Golekmah subsidies and public service innovation and regional arrangement.

    "We want the Mayor of the District before making the RPJMD or in discussing the budget to know that our program must be aligned because if we do not understand the program we will not connect in building this West Java," Uu said.

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