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    Unpad and Sumedang Regency Government Signed Cooperation


    BANDUNG-Regent of Sumedang Dony Ahmad Munir invited the University of Padjadjaran to be involved in solving various problems in Sumedang Regency and was ready to become Unpad's research activities.

    "Sumedang wants to be Unpad's first concern than other districts (in West Java)," Dony said through Unpad Public Relations press release, after meeting with Unpad Rector Prof. Tri Hanggono Achmad in the Chancellor Room of the Unpad Rector Building, Jatinangor.

    The meeting was held to establish cooperation between the Regency Government of Sumedang and Unpad. The cooperation was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the Chancellor of Unpad with the Regent of Sumedang.

    Dony said, there were several prominent problems that occurred in Sumedang. The problems of poverty, education, health, the implementation of bureaucratic reforms, and economic development are some of the problems raised by Dony.

    In the aspect of poverty, Sumedang is still an area with a high percentage of poverty in West Java. At present the percentage of poverty is still around 9.7%.

    "In the next five years, we have committed to reduce poverty at 5.53%. Of course we need collaboration from all parties, "said Dony.

    The Chancellor Trihanggono Ahmad said that he had prepared activities aimed at strengthening regional capacity around the campus.

    In the near future, Unpad will open the Science and Technology Zone (KST), which is one of its main concentrations to encourage the improvement of micro, small and medium enterprises in Sumedang. Various facilities at the Jatinangor campus are also expected to be useful for the Sumedang community. Jo

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