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    TRIGA 2000 Reactor Has 3 Main Activities


    BANDUNG - TRIGA 2000 reactor which is the first Indonesian owned research reactor located on Tamansari Street No. 71, Bandung, has three main activities, namely as a means of training, research and isotope production.

    According to the Head of the Applied Nuclear Science and Technology Center (PSTNT), National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN), Jupiter Sitorus Pane, as a training tool, the TRIGA reactor is used for training operators and supervisor reactors, reactor nurses and supervisor supervisors, radiation protection officers, officers and supervisor of processing radioisotopes and marked compounds, officers and supervisors of Neutron Activation Analysis, neutronists, thermohydraulic reactors, radiochemists, and radiopharmaceuticals.

    "This reactor also functions as a radioisotope producer which is needed in the world of health, industry and the environment," said Jupiter, at the PSTNT Building, Bandung, Monday (18/02).

    According to Jupiter, TRIGA 2000 Reactor products include Bromium-82 used to detect pipeline leaks and has been successfully applied to heat exchanger (HX) leak tests at PT. Asahimas Chemical, Cilegon on May 9, 2018 and Iodine-131 which are widely used in the health sector, nuclear medicine, for example, is used for thyroid therapy.

    "To further introduce to the public, we will hold an exhibition on the results of research and development related to the use of reactors. This can be a place for disseminating the results of PSTNT R & D to the general public, educational institutions, and government institutions that have the potential to use the TRIGA 2000 reactor. and radioisotope production, "he said.

    With the exhibition, Jupiter hopes all people to continue to recognize and understand the development of nuclear technology and its use for the welfare of the people in Indonesia.

    "We hope that the TRIGA 2000 reactor can be used as one of the destinations for tourism in the Bandung and West Java regions," he said. (Parno)

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