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    Familiarize Using Vocabulary "Eksport"


    SUBANG - Minister of Agriculture, Amran Solomon appealed the farmers to be familiar with the vocabulary of "export" so that we may actually able to export rice. "Because every word is a prayer," he said on the sidelines event of "Modern Agricultural Technology in One Year of Working Cabinet" at Gardumariuk Village, Tambakdahan, Subang Regency, West Java (10/20/2015).

    Although the impact of el Nino cause the wetland drought, and decreases the productivity, but the national rice production in 2015 remain increased.

    Amran said data from Central Statistics Agency (BPS) mentioned that rice production in 2015 increased by 6.64 percent over the last 2014. Production in 2014 amounted to 70.84 million tonnes of paddy whereas in 2015 amounted to 75.6 million tonnes of paddy.

    "This is the highest increase compared to previous years. So can be imagined if there was no El Nino, national rice production would be able to export," he said confidently.

    Furthermore, Amran said that there was also enhancement from other agricultural production, even in exporting. "With an increasing range of agricultural products, it could save foreign exchange amounted to 52 trillion per year," he added.

    Amran also acknowledged this success is due to of the active role from Indonesian Military (TNI). "We are thank to the TNI commander, Army Chief of Staff, Commander of Military, Military District Command and Baninsa. Because of TNI supporting on food security, the program can be run according to plan,” he said.

    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan also said that this is the role of the powerful military. Therefore, coordination with the military need to continues enhanced. ”From the level of military commander to Babinsa (village supervisory non-commissioned officers) there must be a strong cooperation, starts from fertilizer distribution until distribution of production,” he explained.

    With the implementation of Harvest in Subang, Regent of Subang, Ojang Sohandi proves that Subang is trusted in agriculture, especially rice. Subang targeted contribute 1.2 million tonnes. For 2015, Subang has produced 1.37 million. “it's means that our production is exceeded the target. And there are also other area that possess the harvest potential,” said Ojang.

    This activity entitled "Modernisation of Agriculture for Food Self-Sufficiency". In this event, area that harvested is about of 2,164 hectares of paddy fields, consist of 530 ha in Mariuk Village, 530 ha in Gardumukti Village, 530 ha in Wanajaya Village and 574 ha in Kertajaya Village. The paddy varieties that planted are IR42 and Ciherang.

    Officially it signed with harvest using a harvester (combine harvester/CH) by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan and Regent of Subang, Ojang Sohandi and followed by farmers using 5 units of CH machines. On that occasion, farmers received the aid agricultural machinery.


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