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    Auction for Accelerated Legok Nangka Waste Disposal Site


    BANDUNG - Legok Nangka Waste Disposal Site (TPAS) is the last hope to overcome the wrong problem in West Java. This was said by the Secretary of the West Java Environmental Office Prima Mayaningtias during the JAPRI event at Gedung Sate, Monday (19/2).

    During the Legok Nangka operation, waste disposal in Bandung Raya especially always relied on Sarimukti TPAS. Sarimukti's land area has actually been added up to 20 hectares, but with a very large volume of waste, even though there is this addition TPAS will be full sooner.

    "We encourage the Legok Jackfruit auction to be accelerated, because this will be the solution to the West Java waste problem," he said.

    While before Legok Nangka could operate, short-term efforts were to build insenerators, especially along the Citarum watershed. The technology that will be used, according to him, is still awaiting approval from the Ministry of Environment.

    "Indeed, it will not give 100 percent yield, but it is far better, than there are people who burn garbage on the river bank. At least the insenerator will be better," he said.

    If all goes, Legok Nangka is a waste disposal site as well as electricity producer, then Sarimukti and the insenerator are going well, West Java's waste problems will be overcome. For Bandung Raya alone, there are 1800 tons of garbage in a day that must be overcome. Jo

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