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    Living Environment Office's Japri Citarum Expo


    BANDUNG-The Citarum Expo which will take place in Sabilulungan Soreang, Bandung Regency, West Java, on Tuesday (19/2) was carried out to make a better plan to save Citarum.

    Secretary of the Environment Agency Prima Mayaningtias said the action plan would be made and all those present in the Citarum episode would agree. Then it will be submitted to Dansatgas Citarum or the governor.

    "This will be a blue print as a plan to save Citarum in the long run," he said in JAPRI in the parking lot behind the eastern part of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (2/18). He wears all parties will be committed to signing the MoU so that. Can move together in one clear coordination.

    In this expo various community or group exhibitions will be held until companies that have taken part in fixing the Citarum River.

    "(Citarum Expo) re-lists all those who love citarum. Because now there are so many (organizations / groups / companies) and we cannot map, later the map starts on the 19th (February 2019), "said governor Ridwan Kamil at Gedung Sate.

    In addition to the exhibition, seminars and discussions will also be held. Through this expo, a joint commitment will be produced in the form of the signing of the MoU on improving Citarum and action plan books. Jo

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