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    Citarum Harum Juara, Mutual Cooperation All West Java Residents


    BANDUNG REGENCY- West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil is optimistic that Citarum Harum Juara program will be resolved faster than the 7-year target set by the central government. He expressed his confidence after seeing all the elements who cared about Citarum committed to realize Citarum Harum Champion through the signing of a joint agreement at the Citarum Expo 2019, in Gedong Sabilulungan, Soreang, Bandung Regency, Tuesday (2/19/19).

    "This is the face of sabilulungan or mutual cooperation, all are united, we will show everyone, including the President, God willing, it does not take 7 years to complete Citarum but it can be faster," said Ridwan Kamil, who is Harum Juara's Commander of the Task Force According to him, Citarum Expo is the face of some of the parties who have worked so far.

    In addition to the Governor, the signing of the commitment included Maritime Coordinating Minister Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, PUPR Minister Basuki Hadi Muldjono, Bandung Regent Dadang Naser, TNI / Polri leadership, Prosecutors, BUMN and private company leaders, academics, humanists, artists, environmental activists, Kwarda Pramuka Jabar, community to students.

    After that the blueprint or blueprint was submitted for the action plan from the Daily Chairperson of the Citarum Task Force Harum Juara Maj. Gen. (Ret.) Dedi Kusnadi Tamim to Dansatgas Ridwan Kamil. This blueprint will be a guideline for who does what and the target that must be achieved within a specified time.

    "Thanks to all groups or the term penta helix, all are present in Citarum, there are those who contribute knowledge, property, networks and others. This is the gong from the action plan. "What should be 5 years so that when combined, it will be a harmonious and beautiful musical orchestra," explained Emil, the Governor's greeting.

    Emil's confidence increased, after the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs ensured that the central government budget for handling the Citarum River would be handed over in March. The budget, said Emil, is to support the performance of all sectors in the Citarum watershed and equipment requirements.

    "The budget from the center is two weeks later," said Mr. Luhut and this is for all Dansektor, "he said.

    In addition, in the near future, he will donate an office building which will be used as the Citarum Harum Juara command center located on Jalan Naripan, Bandung City. The building of the former Jabar Environmental Service Office (DLH) will be used for meetings and can monitor all activities in the Citarum watershed through the installed Command Center.

    "In the near future we will dedicate the Harum Champion Citarum command center building in the former DLH office, plus there is a command center," Emil said.

    After reviewing the booth at Citarum Expo 2019, Dansatgas Citarum Harum Champion was given assistance by PT Pindad in the form of Amphibious Excavators and garbage hauling barges. In addition, the Bandung Regent also provided dozens of trail bike assistance to the Dansektor.

    "This is a gong of action plan, that's why we hold this event. Let's go bust Citarum, it's crowded," Emil said.

    Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan appreciated that many parties were concerned about the condition of Citarum.

    "How much has been done by the community to improve Citarum, I see from this expo, there are many innovations," he said.

    According to him, since being promoted in March 2018, the Citarum Harum Champion program has shown good progress. He also ensured that funds from the center would be handed over on March 12, 2019 for IDR 605 billion. For this reason, in line with the Governor, the Citarum River recovery program will be completed sooner.

    "The Citarum movement is only 9 months because the start of March 2018 but after the Governor made the program to make what is clear and the funds will drop by 15 March at a rate of Rp. 605 gradually so I am sure this Citarum process will be better and faster," Luhut explained.

    He said, now the international world has seen that Indonesia is very serious about environmental recovery efforts.

    "So now the echo has been seen by the international community that Indonesia is serious, they are amazed by us, later on 12 March there will be a world meeting and international figures will attend to discuss environmental issues," he explained.

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