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    West Java is Ready to Move in Contributing West Java


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil confirmed the management and members of the Moving West Java Association. The governor marked it by symbolically embedding the name, at the Negara Pakuan Building, Monday (02/18/19).

    Emil, his nickname, realizes that West Java Moves can alleviate heavy government tasks. For this reason, it takes the support of non-government elements to move together towards West Java, the Inner Birth Champion with the Pentahelix scheme (Academia, Business, Community, Government and Media).

    "This West Java Mobile is independent, will not take care of / access funds from the Provincial Government because in the community they have their own sponsors. So this is like Jabar Quick Response but the 'community' version, which they feel happy if they can help," he said .

    According to him, one of the biggest problems in West Java is serving a large population, especially in the era of reform which has brought Indonesia to become more open and democratic. Therefore, the government is required to be able to carry out public services that are faster and better, especially in handling disasters.

    "Yesterday they also helped in Palu, in Lombok. So they routinely help if there is a disaster. Because this disaster is routine in West Java, it can be focused on them when the government bureaucracy is too long," Emil concluded.

    The association was led by Atalia Praratya Kamil as General Chair and assisted by Tatan Ahmad Santana as Daily Chairperson.

    Tatan said, West Java Moves is a community that is formed on the basis of public concern in building West Java. The components in Jabar Bergerak's body consist of community, activists, practical elements, entrepreneurs, academics, and voluntary elements who love and support the realization of West Java Inner Born Champion.

    "This West Java Mobile is actually the main initiator of Mrs. Atalia, she sees so many good communities that if not accommodated, dear. Therefore, we have all of that to collaborate, synergize with Pak Ridwan Kamil and Pak Uu to build a better West Java again, "he said.

    Tatan added, as of November 4, 2018, Jabar Bergerak has carried out programs or activities that are directly related to the community. Going forward, Jabar Bergerak has planned several large programs that certainly involve the community at large.

    "This year we plan to carry out tourism, culinary and cultural festivals in three places, one in Ciayumajakuning for the northern region and concentrated in Cirebon, then the Priangan is in Tasik or Ciamis, and the rest may be focused on Bogor," he added.

    As a Governmental Non-Structural Movement, West Java Moves is home to anyone in West Java who wants to contribute to the development of West Java Inner Born Champion. Membership is open and open to any individual or community.

    For this reason, Jabar Bergerak has five main pillars, namely: religion, education, social, health, and culture. The formation of these five pillars rests on the main problems and challenges currently faced by the people of West Java.

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