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    Mulat Sarira Nagri Parahyangan


    BANDUNG-NuArt Sculpture Park, Bandung had been known to the public as a cultural landscape in the form of the sculpture garden, museum, and activities at the Nyoman Nuarta workshop. The routine activities has been ongoing since the early 2000s. Nyoman Nuarta as initiators NuArt, increasingly aware of the importance of giving more freedom to the public access to the vertices of culture, built independently.

    These idea that later led him to hold the event of Mulat Sarira Nagri Parahyangan on March 17 and 18, 2016 at NuArt Sculpture Park in Bandung. Mulat Sarira itself comes from old Javanese language, which means back into themselves. This idiom also often interpreted as an act of introspection and look into first before searching for the truth or falsity to others.

    While the Nagri Parahyangan has a meaning the land of Sunda, where Nyoman Nuarta and NuArt located during this time. The whole theme of the celebration has a meaning of back to SUnda identity. That is why Nyoman Nuarta initiated several events strung together as a happening art to present the idea of Mulat Sarira.

    Nuart has held a happening art with the theme of Mulat Sarira. Nyoman Nuarta and team created a scenario to bring together all the material from the various branches of art. The series was once presented as a form of theatre moves then stream the entire event.

    This event will involves the Minister of Education and Culture Anies Baswedan, Nyoman Nuarta, Dira Sugandi (singer), Ayu Laksmi (composer and singer), Dewi Kanti (Sunda musician), Eko "Pece" Supriyanto (choreographer), as well as veteran actor Henry Shofwan. Curator Jim Supangkat as well as some public officials will also be directly involved in this series of art happenings. They will be played as actors in accordance with their respective capacity to move one show together. And each actor will interpret the theme of Mulat Sarira, creating a mosaic of expressions and thoughts about how it should behave and act as a human being in the present.

    According to Nyoman Nuarta, to achieve the goal of humanising through the role of culture, all elements of the nation must contribute in it. "That is why there will be involved a lot of artists from various elements. They were dancers, singers, musicians, and painters, as well as the leaders, for expecting their exemplary nationalities,” said Nyoman Nuarta.

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