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    Uu Directed West Java Industry Actors Switch to Tambourine Triangle


    KARAWANG REGENCY - About 60% of the manufacturing industry in Indonesia is located in the West Java region. Last year alone, the investment value that was successfully invested was Rp. 116 trillion.

    However, manufacturing industries in West Java are still concentrated in Karawang, Bekasi, and Purwakarta. In the future, industry players in West Java will be directed to move to the eastern region of West Java. As expressed by Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum.

    "In the past there was Jababeka, which is now considered to be a lot and full. So the government (West Java province) will direct the business or industrial world in West Java to the North East region of West Java," Uu said while attending the inauguration of the Flat Glass Factory and The mirror of PT Asahimas Flat Glass, Tbk, by the Indonesian Minister of Industry in the Indotaisei Industrial Zone, Cikampek, Karawang Regency, Monday (2/18/19).

    "Therefore, we ask for their participation in the future, so that investors will not think again into the Jababeka region but move to the (triangle) Rebana region," he continued.

    On this occasion, Uu also touched on the issue of labor, namely wages and basic needs of workers. The West Java Provincial Government requested that in the future the industry could provide other needs such as workers' housing close to work and transportation locations.

    Uu believes that if these basic needs can be fulfilled, workers will not continue to demand a large increase in wages to the company.

    "But we understand that on the other hand it is impossible for the company to provide honorariums that do not match the capabilities. We have talked with the commissioner (PT Asahimas Flat Glass), why cannot the basic needs of workers (companies), such as transportation, housing, or basic needs, "Uu said.

    "With this basic fulfillment, workers will not continue to demand large wages because their basic needs have been fulfilled," he continued.

    PT Asahimas Flat Glass is the first glass company in Indonesia that was built in 1971 and began operations in 1973. Its new factory in Cikampek replaces its old factory in Ancol, Jakarta.

    The Indonesian Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartarto also expressed his appreciation to this integrated glass factory, because it continues to exist and has integrity in building the national glass industry.

    The capacity of Asahimas glass factory in Cikampek reaches 420,000 tons, so the total Asahimas glass production through its factory in Sidoarjo, East Java and Cikampek reaches 720,000 tons. While the value of the investment invested is IDR 5 trillion, by absorbing a workforce of up to 3,000 people. Asahimas glass production to meet the needs of raw materials for automotive components, buildings and settlements.

    "And this is the leading sector in the float glass and glass sector in Indonesia. It is also proof that the investment can absorb labor," said Airlangga.

    Especially for industries, continued Airlangga, the government continues to encourage the improvement of domestic or P3DN industries. For this reason, the Ministry of Industry also encourages industries that use glass as their raw material - such as automotive, can use local content.

    "Industries such as glass related to automotive, of course, we encourage the local content to always be improved. And from information, 90 percent of the automotive industry uses glass in the country," he said.

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