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    The National Police Chief and Emil Agree About Indonesia's Prediction of Being a Superpower


    BANDUNG - The Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil and National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian talked about Indonesia's prediction of becoming a superpower in 2045 and can compete with developed countries such as Russia to China. All the resources needed to make it happen are already owned by Indonesia. Even so, there are various conditions that must be met.

    In the West Java context, Ridwan Kamil stated that this province had a vital role in Indonesia's overall progress. This is based on the fact that 20 percent of the nation's population is in West Java Province. That is, there is a heavy duty that must be overcome related to the guarantee of the people in the province he leads.

    "If we can take care of this, at least 20 percent of Indonesia can be resolved well in West Java Province. Our province is also the closest to the capital. If we are conducive, then Jakarta is calm. But if we are turbulent or not conducive, then mother the city will be affected, "he said at the West Java Regional Police Headquarters, Soekarno Hatta Street, Bandung, Friday (2/15/2019).

    According to him, there is a prediction and study that in 2045 or after 100 years of the status of an independent state, Indonesia will become the third superpower in the world. All of that can be realized if the conditions are met. The first requirement is that economic growth continues to run well at least 5 percent.

    Then, the quality of the demographic bonus or young children is competitive and has digital expertise. The last condition is the conducive state to be well maintained. Many countries have fallen because of being in a situation of war. He gave an example of a Syrian country where most of the population did not feel security and comfort.

    "Another example is Afghanistan. 40 years did not stop fighting. Even though only seven tribes, Indonesia 400 more. The ulama berijthihad with the founding fathers made Pancasila as a permit, as an agreement. If the contract is disturbed, we are not sure that this , "he said.

    In the same place, Tito Karnavian stated that predictions about the superpower that Ridwan Kamil delivered had been surveyed and analyzed by world-class institutions, such as Bloomberg, International Gelf to the World Bank.

    The country order included in the prediction is China, India, the US, and Indonesia. According to him, a country labeled as super power has an indicator of management capabilities and resources that support economic growth.

    "Countries that have economies, big production, it will be super power. In various analyzes delivered, this is to make rational sense," he explained.

    Indicators in the form of large population are one of the conditions. Because, it is a supporter of overthrowing a large production machine. In addition, a super power country must have abundant natural resources and have a wide area to accommodate large production machines.

    "Russia may be number one, India, China, the United States, Brazil, South Africa, from 193 UN countries, only about seven that meet the criteria. Singapore will never be a super power country, even if it is a rich country. only 5 million. Small, do not have SDA, the area is, Habibi said, in our map it is only a small red dot above Indonesia, "he said.

    While the country of Australia does have a wide expanse of land and many natural wealth. However, it still cannot be super power, because the population and workforce are no bigger than West Java. (Pun)

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