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    Citarum Task Force Assesses Social Punishment for Citarum Polluters


    BANDUNG - Harum Citarum Task Force (Satgas) will examine social punishment or social punishment for environmental polluters around the Citarum watershed. It is expected that these social sanctions will provide more deterrent effects.

    One example of social punishment that could later be applied is to publish Citarum polluters on media or social media. Or there is an appeal to the public not to buy products produced by businesses that have proven to pollute the environment.

    The Governor of West Java who is also Dansatgas (Commander of Harum's Citarum Task Force), Ridwan Kamil, considers that these social sanctions will be relatively more feared and give more deterrent effects to the perpetrators.

    "When viewed from the experience of managing development, there are times when social penalties make it more deterrent too," said Emil - Ridwan Kamil's nickname, when met after the Workshop on Strengthening Law Enforcement Coordination in the Citarum River Basin held at El Royale Hotel on Friday (2/15) 19).

    "One example of social punishment is publishing those who pollute the environment, so people know how to punish socially; not buying the product, and so on as a warning, "he continued.

    For this reason, Emil added, his party was studying the pattern of punishment in the form of social sanctions. He gave an example, when he became the Mayor of Bandung, Emil had made a policy of making banners that read "Not Paying Taxes" for restaurants in Bandung City that had not paid taxes.

    "The pattern is being studied, because we have done it in the city of Bandung installing banners to restaurants that do not pay taxes. When it is confiscated, it even pays taxes, but if threatened, the articles actually like to challenge and disobey, "he explained.

    Citarum Expo

    Meanwhile, on February 19, 2019, the Citarum Expo will be held in Soreang, Bandung Regency. In this expo various community or group exhibitions will be held until companies that have taken part in fixing the Citarum River.

    "(Expo Citarum) re-lists all those who love citarum. Because now there are so many (organizations / groups / companies) and we cannot map, later the map starts on the 19th (February 2019), "Emil said.

    In addition to the exhibition, seminars and discussions will also be held. Through this expo, a joint commitment will be produced in the form of the signing of the MoU on improving Citarum and action plan books.

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