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    PKBSI Need Competent HR


    JAKARTA - General Chair of the Indonesian Zoo Association (PKBSI), Rahmat Shah, acknowledges that an organization has the complexity of challenges according to its era. These challenges range from simple things to the most complicated. For this reason, in order to build the PKBSI organization as the only container for livestock plantations in Indonesia, human resources (HR) are needed in competent management according to their capacity and expertise.

    "The administrators must uphold cohesiveness and be able to work together solidly. Establish communication and information that is open to each other. All of them must synergize with each other in other fields, "Rahmat Shah said during the inauguration of the 2018-2023 period in the Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park Complex, Jakarta, Friday (2/15/2019).

    Rahmat asked the PKBSI management to always be responsive to the changes and demands of the era. In order to respond to the changes that occur, we need uniformity of movement between the parent organization and all the elements of its members, so that the creation of a work pattern that is synergistic between the two.

    For this reason, he continued, guidance to members in various forms of activities and capacity building of human resources became the main program as well as a pillar in running the organization in the management of this 2018-2023 period.

    It was stated, as the implementation of organizational development activities, then after the inauguration of the management will be immediately implemented the program determination. The program refers to the recommendations of the PKBSI XIII National Conference in November 2018.

    He appealed, work programs that will be determined by each field, it is expected that LK management which became the spotlight of the wider community, both at home and abroad could be overcome.

    "We realize that the responsibility for animal conservation is on our shoulders together. For that we must take seriously and fully the responsibility of managing the biodiversity natural resources that we have, "said Rahmat who became the general chairman of PKBSI for the fourth period.

    During the inauguration of the board, he hoped that synergies with the government and stakeholders could be carried out to build conservation institutions (LK) according to the specified standards. "Inauguration is the starting point where we can carry out organizational revitalization as well as possible," he said.

    At the XIII National Conference at the end of 2018, the theme was ‘Revitalization of Organizations Towards the Function of Standard Conservation Institutions.’ According to Rahmat, the theme encouraged all as conservationists. Especially in ex-situ conservation to be able to join hands, be compact, solid, help each other and support each other in responding to the changes and challenges of the times.

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