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    PLN Provides Incentives of Rp 52 / KWH for 900 VA Capable Household Customers


    BANDUNG - The National Electricity Company (PLN) provides tariff reduction incentives for customers of Able Households (RTM) of 900 Volt Ampere (VA) or non-subsidized 900 VA Household customers.

    With the enactment of this incentive, PLN customers from RTM 900 VA only pay Rp. 1,300 per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity from the normal tariff of Rp. 1,352 per kWh. This reduction in tariff applies to 21 million R TM 900 VA electricity customers from March 1 to December 31, 2019.

    The reduction or provision of tariff incentives is carried out because PLN has succeeded in carrying out efficiency including a decrease in network shrinkage, improvement of SFC (Specified Fuel Consumption) and an increase in CF (Capacity Factor) generation. In addition, incentives are also given considering the condition of ICP prices for the past 3 months has decreased from 62.98 USD / Barrel to 56.55 USD / Barrel.

    PLN's Executive Vice President of Corporate Communication & CSR I Made Suprateka stated that electricity has become a basic need of society today. All community activities are supported by electricity supply.

    "With this incentive, PLN wants to provide space for household customers who are capable of 900 VA so that they can use electricity more in their daily activities," Made said Friday (2/15).

    Made added that the tariff reduction incentives for the 900 VA RTM did not include any conditions.

    "Please enjoy this tariff reduction. And use PLN electricity comfortably and certainly safe, "Made said. Jo

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