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    Workers has to be Neutral in Presidential Election


    BANDUNG-Labor in West Java who are members of the All-Indonesia Workers Union (SPSI) of West Java expressed their neutrality in the Presidential and Vice-President elections which will be held in April 2019.

    The Chairman of the All-Indonesia Workers Union (KSPSI) of West Java, Roy Jinto, stated that the workers did not support one of the pairs of candidates for President and Vice President, but his side supported legislative candidates from the workers both for the Indonesian Parliament, DPRD and DPD.

    "The workers will only support legislative candidates from among the workers, both candidates for Regency / City, Provincial and DPR RI and DPD," he said.

    Roy also stated that the workers would fully support the implementation of this democratic party while maintaining the implementation of the upcoming April 2019 Presidential Election and Pileg so that it would be smooth, safe and peaceful.

    "Workers will be proactive in the implementation of the presidential and legislative elections smoothly, safely and peacefully," said Roy Jinto, in a panel discussion Building the Joint Struggle for Realizing UMSK 2019 in the Context of the 2019 Pileg and Presidential Election / 02).

    Meanwhile, Head of West Java Regional Police Sub-Directorate of Economics, AKBP Hunter Spionator, stated that it supports what will be done by the workers to maintain a smooth, safe and peaceful situation of the Presidential Election and Pileg.

    "The police and military will maintain neutrality in the 2019 presidential election and legislative elections and will provide security support in all aspects," he said.

    In the event the workers and entrepreneurs represented by Apindo and the West Java Provincial Government represented by the Manpower and Transmigration Office and the West Java Regional Police held a 2019 Peaceful Election Declaration. (Parno)

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