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    Sectoral Minimum Wages must be mutually beneficial


    BANDUNG - The desire of workers in West Java who are members of the All-Indonesia Workers Union (SPSI) in West Java to fulfill the desire to issue Regency / City Sectoral Minimum Wages (UMSK) from the Provincial Government, is not as easy as expected.

    According to Asep Hendra Maulana, representatives of the Indonesian Entrepreneurs Association (Apindo), West Java, said that for the publication of UMSK, several variables must be fulfilled as conditions, such as UMSK only for large-scale companies, because if all companies had to do this, of course weighing heavily on small-scale companies.

    "Every region is different in the growth of added value, each region also has a different Gross Regional Domestic Revenue, because this GRDP differs from region to region and that is very influential," he said.

    Asep stated, APINDO was not antipathic towards UMSK, but what needs to be done now is to sit together in an effort to find the understanding of UMSK so that no one feels disadvantaged by the publication of this UMSK.

    "We need to sit together to find UMSK so that there is no compulsion from employers with this UMSK," said Asep, in the 2019 UMSK Panel Discussion at Lodaya Hotel, Bandung, Thursday (02/14). (Parno)

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