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    Pamela Fermented Sticky Rice Sold 6000 Buckets Monthly


    KUNINGAN – A typical culinary origin from Kuningan, Fermented Sticky Rice (Peyeum Ketan) has its own uniqueness. There are two, which must be wrapped in guava leaves and packed in a solid black plastic bucket. Travelers who come to Kuningan seem to be obliged to buy fermented sticky rice in the black bucket.

    There are many producers of fermented sticky peyeum in Kuningan, one of which is the pioneer brand that owns the Pamela brand. The Pamela brand stands for Pajar and Mela, the name of the child of the business owner named Carsin Cahyadi, 52 years old.

    Starting a business since the 80s, peanuts sticky rice is not immediately famous, even had to fall up. The production is also limited when a big day such as Eid Al-Fitr or when there are orders for residents.

    That was the story, now Carsin, can produce sticky rice peyeum up to 6000 buckets per month on weekdays or 200 buckets per day. But during Eid Al-Fitr the production can reach 2000 buckets per day.

    His increasingly advanced business then spread to residents around the house who lived in the Cibereum area, Kuningan Regency, West Java. When Jabar Prov visited the Pamela production site, the location was quite far from the city center of Kuningan. The distance is around 25 kilometers or one hour by car.

    After entering the road which was quite passed by one vehicle, the location of Carsin's house was successfully found. The location of the peyeum factory is different from the house. There appeared a number of equipment and remnants of sticky rice production in the warehouse.

    Regarding the black bucket used as packaging, he said it had become a typical packaging that was difficult to change. There was an attempt to change the color of the bucket to another color, but it didn't sell.

    "Efforts to give a different taste like chocolate or strawberries are also not sold. It's missing authenticity, so it's better to sell original peuyeum, "he said.

    In fact, according to him, when marketed in large malls in cities outside of Kuningan, it is also difficult to sell.

    "This is a souvenir, so it must be purchased in Kuningan, or in Cirebon. All tours, "he said. For information, with Pamela sticky rice peanut business, every month the average net income he earns reaches Rp 30 million per month. jo

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