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    Emil Agreed to Finance Orphan Victims of the Cisolok Landslide


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil agreed to finance 2 orphans whose parents died due to landslide Cisolok Sukabumi some time ago. Both of these children Varel (3) and Angki (7) all of the school fees and living expenses were borne by Kang Emil. When Angki was asked to stay in Sukabumi or join with Kang Emil, the child could not answer and just looked down embarrassed.

    "Yes, it's okay, maybe embarrassed, so I can't answer. The most important thing is to stay wherever these two children are responsible for my life and school," Emil said at the Community Aspirations Leaders Meeting (Tepas) in Pakuan Building, Thursday afternoon / 2/2019).

    Dozens of victims of natural disasters in his area joined in on the front of the Pakuan Building together with the Governor, SKPD heads and various disaster alert communities during the inaugural Tepas event. They come from Sukabumi, Bandung Regency, West Bandung Regency, Sumedang and others. In fact there were residents of Baleendah who were more than 50 years old, claiming that they were the first time to set foot on the official residence of the Governor of West Java.

    "Bah Edi is already 56 years old, frankly this is the first time in Pakuan Building. Thank you, the Governor has given me the opportunity or we have come here. This is an unforgettable event," said Bah Edi of Baleendah, Bandung Regency.

    There was also Ms. Uun who expressed gratitude to the Governor because his house which had been damaged by a tree was repaired.

    "Yes, the point is that I, as the governor, want to ensure that the state must be present in resolving every issue of citizens. If it can be resolved at the lowest level of government, thank you, if not, let's finish together," he said.

    Kang Emil stressed that many people who want to help. Both individuals and organizations. The governor or government is tasked with helping bring together those who want to help with those who need help. (Even)

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