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    Students of Kuningan 2 Vocational School Declared Hit the Hoax


    BANDUNG-In the Sarling program, or mobile broadcasts, hundreds of Kuningan Vocational students together read out the declaration of a hoax hit. The declaration was commanded directly by the wife of governor Atalia Kamil, Wednesday (2/13).

    Also present in the declaration of the Head of West Java Communication and Information Agency Hening Widiatmoko, West Java Saber Hoaks Team, Jabarprov.go.id team and a number of parties in the middle field of Kuningan 2 Vocational High School.

    "We support this event, especially giving understanding to school students to be careful in social media. Don't easily spread hoaxes, besides harming them can also be threatened by ITE Law," said Head of Communication and Information Agency, Widiatmoko.

    While Atalia Kamil emphasized that school students in Kuningan maintain negative relations, including guarding themselves to spread hoaxes.

    "Don't get caught up in negative things, drugs, free sex and spread hoaxes," she stressed.

    After reading the declaration of the hoax, Atalia then together with all the participants sang the Laskar Pelangi song. Next, the contents of the declaration are only hoaxes made by the students of Kuningan Vocational School.

    1. We West Javanese reject all forms of false news that cause hatred, hostility with ethnic, religious, racial and inter-group backgrounds.
    2 Delivering the correct news according to the facts that occur, does not spread hoaxes and slander.
    3 Use social media wisely, politely and smartly
    4 Cooperate with all parties to reject, counteract and stop false information or hoaxes. Jo

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