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    Brother Emil and Brother Uu are Ready to Build West Java Scouts, Five Years Later


    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, and Vice Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul ulum officially appointed Chairperson of the National Quartar (Scout) Scout Movement, Pol Commander Purn Budi Waseso, as Chair and Vice Chair of the West Java Scout Movement (Mabida) for the period 2019-2024, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (02/13/19).

    "The Chairperson of the Regional Trustees are the Governors, West Java, the Chairperson of Mabida is Brother Ridwan Kamil, who today is inaugurated," said National Quartar Chairman Budi Waseso.

    With the appointment of Emil, the Governor calls, Budi Waseso hopes that the Scout program in West Java will not stop. Because scouting is a responsibility of the local government. So, the development of West Java scouts will be sustainable.

    Scouts, Waseso continued as a means to build a young generation with character. Especially in the present era, where the millennial generation and generation Z grow and develop.

    "They must be touched so that they become the next generation who have quality," he said.

    Related to the notion of radicalism, extremism, which teaches a culture of violence, Waseso hopes that the role of scouting education can counteract it.

    Scouts, he continued, have been trained and equipped with various sciences. Also the role of society has long been applied as a whole.

    Scouts, is also a form of devotion to the environment. So, the mission of building Citarum is as clean as ever, and can be a source of life, also one of the roles of scouts, to become one of the components that must play a role.

    "I have also told the head of BNPB that we are ready to participate in building the Citarum river again, that is," said Budi Waseso.

    The Governor of West Java, who is also the Chair of Mabida, after saying the Promise of the Trisatya Scout, said that he was passionate about "ngabret", or "gaspoll", he would also be maximized in the Scout organization.

    "Scouts are the most flexible organization answering the dynamics of the era," said Emil. He wants scouts to become an element that inspires Indonesian youth, especially for generation Z.

    In character development, Scouts are a movement that is most possible in building national character because it covers all aspects of life. Like health, dexterity, skills, personality, and religious movements.

    "In the context of character, all kinds of initiatives are taught in Scouts," he said.

    In order to touch Generation Z, Scouts can also use digital content to attract their attention so that they are characterized and nationally-minded.

    Next, continued Emil, there are problems at the provincial level that require large human resources, one of which is the Citarum river crisis.

    "I ask permission, Sis Kwarnas, Insyaallah, in these years, we will see the participation of Scouts as motorists who defend the environment," he said.

    So, he said, the community would appreciate the Boy Scouts who always answer the needs of the times. As for other programs, it is ready to be followed up if there is an opportunity for cooperation.

    "There will be knowledge, there will be energy, material, so that the Boy Scouts can pour in Citarum," he said.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of the Regional Kwartir (Kwarda) West Java Scout Movement Dede Yusuf Macan Effendi, revealed his feeling of happiness at the inauguration of West Java's Mabida.

    Together with all members of Kwarda Jabar, Dede hopes the presence of continuity in fostering the nation's children through scouting education.

    "Kwarda West Java is very proud of Ms. Mabida's inauguration. This inauguration is very important because Ms. Mabida, can now mobilize Scouting programs that are in harmony with the West Java Province Program," he said.

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