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    West Java Targets to Win the 8th Unqualified Opinion


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government is targeting this year's return to win an Unqualified Opinion (WTP) eighth consecutive time.

    "God willing, this year it will be better than before and targeting the eighth WTP after last year seven times in a row," said Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum after submitting the Audit Result Compliance Report (LHP) of semester II 2018 at the Office of the Audit Board ( BPK) RI Representative of West Java Province, Wednesday (02/13/19).

    Uu said, the financial audit from the BPK was a common practice in the administration of the state because there was public money that must be accounted for. Whether or not the realization of the BPK budget is good or not determines.

    "Just now there are some that need to be corrected, yes and we will do what the BPK recommends. So today the BPK is clearer about its corrections and recommendations," he said.

    In the submission of the LHP, the BPK noted that there were several reports that had to be corrected specifically regarding the procurement of goods and infrastructure services. According to Uu, West Java is currently building several large-scale infrastructure such as the Patimban port which is also included in the Tambourine Triangle project and a number of toll roads.

    "This must be truly selective so that our intentions are not good to provide services to the community but in its realization there are things that are detrimental to the community, it should not. BPK is increasingly keen to examine the realization of the budget per item so that the government must obey the rules," he explained.

    Chairman of the West Java BPK Representative, Arman Syifa, said that this year's West Java Provincial Government's WTP opinion could be achieved if eight report items were recommended, especially in the infrastructure sector.

    "The target of the examination is the suitability of infrastructure spending, namely aspects of planning, implementation, supervision and payment," he said.

    Arman hopes that the results of the examination will be used by regional leaders to improve and improve the quality of regional financial management.

    "Not only the Regional Organization is the examination sample but also in all OPDs that are not samples," Amran said.

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