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    Atalia: Paying attention to food intake


    KUNINGAN REGENCY-Chairperson of the West Java Province Family Welfare Development Team (TP), Atalia Praratya Ridwan Kamil asked the parents to pay attention to the food intake of their children since the womb until the age of the children.

    "Mother must pay attention since the womb, God willing, be a healthy and strong child, so we need a good intake," said Atalia, in the Multipurpose Building, Kedungarum Village Office, Kuningan District, Kuningan Regency, Wednesday (02/13).

    Atalia said, her party gave appreciation to mothers who were very concerned about their womb and their children by paying attention to food intake and checking their womb or their toddler to the Posyandu.

    "We are presenting mothers who routinely come to the Posyandu, so that children can be monitored for their development and healthy babies in the womb," she said.

    In front of the attendees, Atalia who was also accompanied by the Deputy Chair of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team, Lina Ruzlan, asked parents to immediately bring their children to the Posyandu if they experienced problems in their health or growth and then referred to Puskesmas if it cannot be handled at the Posyandu.

    "Come to the Posyandu regularly so that if there are problems, you can refer to the puskesmas and monitor health. We also provide guidance to parents," she concluded. (Parno) 

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