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    Atalia Kamil Invites Children Like To Read and Eat Fish


    KUNINGAN-Located at the Kuningan District Learning Unit (SKB), Mother of West Java Atalia Kamil chatting with early school children from various fathers in the Kuningan District area.

    On this occasion, Atalia read a story about the world of the sea which contains the importance of friendship and help. A book called Si Buto dan Sakit Gigit was read while interacting with children.

    "Who likes to read? President Sukarno and Habibie are great people because they like to read. So their children must love to read books," he said Wednesday (12/2). The children shouted, pointing their fingers up. "I am," they shouted.

    Acting like a storyteller, Atalia Then tells the story of a shark named Buto who is naughty, and likes to drive away other animals so he has no friends. But one day he was hurt by a ship anchor. Nobody wants to help out of fear.

    "I promise not to be naughty, but help me," said Buto, as stated by Atalia. Because of the company's taste, eventually all marine animals provide help.

    In addition to inviting reading books, children are also invited to love eating fish. She even asked questions about the names of the fish that were answered very enthusiastically by the children.

    At the end of the meeting, Atalia took a photo together with children and the ranks of the Kuningan District Education Office and PAUD teachers. She then reviewed the mobile library car.

    "Thank you for the Education and Communication and Information Agency who organized this event," she concluded. Jo

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