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    PT Dirgantara Indonesia SOEs Signed MoU with Surveyor Indonesia


    BANDUNG-PT Surveyor Indonesia (Persero) (PTSI) signed a Memorandum of Understanding with six SOEs namely PT Pertamina (Persero), PT Len Industri (Persero), PT PGN (Persero) Tbk, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Persero), PT Dahana (Persero) and PT Pertamina Bina Medika related to ensuring the quality and quantity of products and services as a supporting force for strengthening national strategic industries, Tuesday (12/02).
    The signing was carried out at the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (KBUMN) Office witnessed by KBUMN's Deputy of Mining, Strategic Industry and Media, Fajar Harry Sampurno.

    "Facing a business climate that is constantly changing, one of the steps that can be taken so that we can survive is to establish a strategic partnership and continue to prioritize operational excellence practices in conducting business." Said PTSI Managing Director Dian M. Noer in his remarks delivered through a PR press release PT DI.

    The scope of cooperation includes Survey Services, Consultation, Inspection, Verification and Monitoring in the field of Land Procurement, Cargo Monitoring, Pipeline Integrity Management, Supervision Consultation for Fiber Optic Network Development, Design Consultation, Testing & Commissioning for signals / railway systems at Railway Transportation (LRT & MRT) to the Development of Consultation on Roadmap for Domestic Component Levels (TKDN) in various regions throughout Indonesia.

    Collaboration covers the field of Asset Management and Monitoring and Quality Activities of the Quality and Quantity of Pertamina Fuel Terminals throughout Indonesia with Pertamina, Ensuring Natural Gas Activity and Distribution Opmitalization with PGN, Health Services with Pertamina Bina Medika, Implementation of Domestic Content Levels with Indonesian Aerospace, supervision construction of an explosive bahak factory with PT Dahana, as well as a railway system Testing Consultancy with Len Industri.

    "Our hope is that with the synergy of SOEs, we can make a real contribution in carrying out the tasks of SOEs as organizers of the national economy to achieve optimal public welfare. This synergy also aims to realize our shared tagline as One Nation, One Vision, One Family to Excellence so that BUMNs Present to the Country and synergize as the key to increasing productivity and achieving value in achieving success that not only increases but also jumps. "Dian continued.

    In 2019 PTSI was given a target by shareholders to book a net profit of Rp 150M, up 11.5% from the 2018 RKAP target. Whereas total assets were targeted to rise 9.3% from 2018 to Rp 1.6 trillion. This collaboration is a positive start for PTSI in meeting its 2019 target, as well as a means to provide benefits and good for all customers by providing superior and competent assurance services.

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