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    Committee Introduce The Form of PON's Torch


    BANDUNG-Committee of National Sports Week (PON) XIX 2016 In West Java, began to introduce the form of PON torch that will be used in the procession of PON Fire even the prototype.

    Head of ceremony of PB PON XIX and Peparnas XV 2016 in West Java, Nunung Sobari said the form of torch relay that will be used has a philosophy for the people of West Java.

    "The torch will be used has had its model then will be refined and we will create masse," she said.

    Nunung asserted the torch will be used in PON XIX West Java, is designed with creativity by people of West Java. It has a height of 70 centimetres and weighs two kilograms.

    "The torch will we used is the work of an artist from West Java, so we do not need to order a torch from abroad as in the previous PON implementation," she said.

    According to Nunung, the torch will be made is unique with the upper part made from Kuningan with shows the motif "Kawung Ece" from Garut with the logo of PON XIX / 2016 namely Kujang.

    "In order to have more natural values, to the bottom of the torch we use "kayu ruyung" from Kawung tree or palm tree", she said.

    The factory in Karawang was begun in July 2014 and is the largest investment of the Etex group in 2015. It uses several environmental friendly specifications, such as the production with zero waste, closed water circulation, the use of recycled cellulose fibre as raw material, and the pool of 4,000 m3 of rainwater for purposes of manufacturing processes.

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