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    Supporting West Java Millennial Entrepreneurship, Regional Regulation on Entrepreneurship is Set


    BANDUNG - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil welcomed the stipulation of the West Java Regional Regulation on Entrepreneurship. The signing of the Decree on Entrepreneurship Regulations was carried out by the Governor along with the Chairperson of the West Java Parliament Ineu Purwadewi Sundari during a plenary session of the West Java Parliament in Bandung on Monday (11/02/2019).

    Now, West Java Provincial Government has a legal basis in providing assistance to the community, especially millennials who want to become entrepreneurs.

    "Now we have a legal basis to provide assistance to millennial young people for entrepreneurship," said Emil, calling the Governor.

    In addition to facilitating subsidies to the community, this regulation also according to Emil makes it more flexible when it comes to building entrepreneurship training centers and facilitating the marketing of community business products.

    "So this regulation supports the creation of training centers and is easier to market them. The point is this legal basis makes us more flexible," he explained.

    Before the issuance of the Entrepreneurship Regional Regulation, the handling of community entrepreneurship was first handled by several OPDs such as the Dispora and the UKM Office.

    "Now it has been locked into this Regional Regulation," Emil said.

    Before it was determined to be a Regional Regulation, the draft regulation had gone through several stages, including the evaluation by the Minister of Home Affairs. The Chairperson of the West Java DPRD V Committee, Teuku Hanibal, as the committee handling the regulation said that the discussion on the Regional Regulation on Entrepreneurship had been carried out since October 2018. Hanibal asked the West Java Provincial Government to socialize it immediately and make its Governor Regulation.

    "I hope to immediately disseminate to the public and the Governor will immediately make the Governor Regulation to follow up," he hoped.

    Hanibal said that the Entrepreneurship Regional Regulation aims to develop entrepreneurial spirit that is creative, innovative and environmentally sound in order to develop the regional economy.

    "Also to create an efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem that will encourage the competitiveness of regional products," he said.

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