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    Boosting Tourism, Governor Ridwan Kamil Will Build Dilan Park


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil will build a park named Dilan, precisely in the Saparua Park area of Bandung City. Currently the park whose name is taken from the film title Dilan is being designed by Ridwan Kamil himself.

    The governor, familiarly called Emil, revealed the reason that the Dilan park was built to boost tourism, especially in the capital city of West Java.

    "I still have not finished the design. It is located in the Saparua Sport Area, where it is shady, 200 meters from the Panas Dalam office and not too far from SMUN 20," Emil said at a press conference and friendly with producer, director and film actor Dilan 1991 at the Governor's Office House, Pakuan Building, on Sunday (10/2/19).

    According to him, Dilan Park will be a new attraction and different from other parks because of its contemporary garden concept. In addition there will be lots of interesting spots for selfie, in the park there will be a library with a majority of the books about the characters of Dilan and the City of Bandung. Inspirational quotes will also be on display including various motorbikes that existed in the 90s.

    "The contemporary garden means that people want to do it, surely they want photographs or people want to read books later in the park, there is a library that contains the majority of books about Bandung and Dilan, there is also an inspirational quote including antique motorcycles," he said.

    "The point is that it is expected to be an additional attraction for contemporary tourism," Emil added.

    Apart from tourism, Emil said, the park was also mediated for a story in a film that made the image of Bandung improve.

    "Taman Dilan is one of them indeed for dedication to a story that makes Bandung extraordinary," he said.

    As is known, the 1990 film Dilan was successful in the market and received positive appreciation from the public. The story and location of the film all took place in the city of Bandung. Continued sequel to the 1991 film Dilan, which will be aired in cinemas in the city again in a week of styuting in the city of Bandung.

    "I strongly support all films that are positive and that promote the city. For contemporary legends we have agreed that we will capture them in a place," Emil said.

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