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    The Beautiful Way of Si Cinta In Preventing Mosquitoes from Entering the House


    BANDUNG - The recent increase in the number of cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) in West Java is quite worrying, especially after 18 people reportedly died from diseases transmitted from this Aedes Aegypti mosquito.

    Chairman of the West Java PKK Driving Team, Atalia Praratya, who is familiarly called Si Cinta, revealed that there are several favorite places for mosquitoes to hide and breed, such as clothes hung, flower vases, bathtubs and places where water often stagnates.

    "Hanged clothes or clothes that have been worn and will be worn again are often the main nest of mosquitoes. Besides flower vases, bathtubs, even under the refrigerator is often a hotbed for mosquitoes, because these mosquitoes are very happy with clean water, "said Atalia met after becoming a guest speaker at the broadcast of Jabar Punya Informasi (JAPRI), at the Gedung Sate Bandung Museum page , Friday (8/2/19).

    In addition to the 3M Plus movement (draining the bathtub, closing the water reservoir, burying the garbage and reusing the used goods), preventing mosquitoes from entering the house also turned out to be done using plants and ornamental fish.

    Not only beautify the house and provide freshness, choosing the right flower to put in the room can actually repel mosquitoes. It is believed that some plants, such as lavender, are mixed and lemongrass spreads an aroma that mosquitoes do not like, so that the house will be mosquito free.

    There are also beautiful ways to fight mosquitoes by keeping ornamental fish, such as betta fish, red tilapia, mas, and so on. These beautiful little fish are believed to be able to act as natural predators that can break the chain of breeding mosquitoes around the house.

    "There are so many things we can do about how we avoid these mosquitoes, such as installing mosquito repellent wire, or also planting plants that are expected to prevent our homes from the number of mosquitoes that enter, including lavender, lemongrass, broken fruit, etc. "Said Si Cinta.

    "Fish can also. So some of these fish are considered to be able to break the chain from the development of mosquitoes, because they love to eat larvae, including betta, red tilapia, and carp, "he said.

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