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    Visiting Cianjur, President Handed Over 115 Waqf Certificate


    CIANJUR REGENCY-West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil accompanied Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who in his work visit to Cianjur Regency, handed over a waqf certificate to 115 recipients. Submission was carried out after Friday Prayers at Al Ittihad Mosque Al Ittihad Islamic Boarding School, Jl. Raya Bandung, Karangtengah, Cianjur Regency, Friday (8/2/19).

    President Jokowi symbolically handed over the certificate to 12 recipient institutions. The recipients came from the districts of Cianjur, West Bandung Regency, and Sukabumi City.

    The President explained that his party intentionally ordered the Indonesian ATR / BPN Ministry to accelerate land certification, especially the waqf land. Because according to him, every time he goes to the area often gets complaints about land disputes.

    "Mainly related to waqf land, because the mosque, the hut has no proof of legal rights to the land, namely the certificate," said the President.

    "Therefore, I ordered the ATR / BPN Ministry to complete certificates relating to mosques, Islamic boarding schools, or other places of education. For that, we provide certificates to reduce land disputes," he continued.

    There are 800 thousand more prayer rooms and mosques throughout Indonesia. Of that amount, almost 70% -80% have not been certified. The government itself through the ATR / BPN Ministry targets that in 2024 all land in the West Java region will be certified.

    One of the recipients, namely the Chairperson of the DKM Mosque at Tohariyah in Sukakarya Village, Warudoyong Subdistrict, Sukabumi City, Emuh Muchtar, admitted that he was happy that the mosque he had led had a waqf certificate. He was also proud to receive a certificate and meet directly with President Jokowi.

    Emuh said, the certificate could be a legitimate legal proof for the mosque institution he leads. In addition, the certificate is proof of the orderly administration of Masjid At Tohariyah.

    "This certificate is so that we can be orderly in administration and become proof, because previously it was not yet certified (the land)," Emuh said when met by the West Java Public Relations Reporting Team.

    Initially Emuh learned about the waqf land certification program from the government after her party received socialization from the local RW. Shortly after submission, the BPN City of Sukabumi came to the mosque to measure the area of ??waqf land which reached around 70 m2.

    "(Certificate) We will save it for future generations, so we know that this (land of the mosque) is a land of waqf. So, we are very grateful to the government," he said.

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