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    Atalia is Ready to Empower PKK Cadres to Eradicate DHF


    BANDUNG - The West Java Provincial Government is seriously responding to cases of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) at the beginning of 2019, the numbers have started to increase. West Java Provincial Health Office recorded as of January 2019, there were 2,461 cases reported in all Regencies / Cities, 18 of them died.

    For this reason, the Chairperson of the West Java Province PKK Driving Team, Atalia Praratya, will prepare PKK cadres throughout West Java to fight DBD starting from the family environment.

    Atalia explained, PKK cadres will be empowered as lighters (jumantik) in charge of monitoring the existence of mosquito larvae and eradicating them. Previously, said Atalia, there were only one or two jumantik cadres from the RW and kelurahan levels. In the future, following the direction of the central government, jumantik cadres will be multiplied to become one person in each house.

    "Actually, from the data, the PKK cadres in West Java reached 800,000 people. So what we can do is disseminate related information to the cadres, and they become jumantik-jumantik in their respective regions, "said Atalia met after being a guest speaker on the broadcast of Jabar Punya Informasi (JAPRI), in the courtyard of Gedung Sate Bandung Museum, Friday (8/2/19).

    "So far, there are around 1 or 2 jumantik cadres from the RW and kelurahan levels, going forward as stated by the government, that there must be one jumantik house, meaning that in every house there must be those who are observers, this is very important I think, "he said.

    Atalia further explained, this jumantik movement could be successful by involving all the community as jumantik cadres in their homes. This is due to the limited reach of PKK cadres in monitoring the household environment.

    "So one house of the jumantik is a member of his own family, because they understand the most. Usually if from our cadres who come to the area or to homes, it can only monitor what is visible, usually only on the home page or just toren, "explained Atalia.

    This step of Atalia is in line with the Governor's appeal which will be delivered through Circular. West Java District Government, Legal and Social Welfare Assistant Daud Achmad said that his party would distribute Circular from the Governor of West Java to all Regents / Mayors containing instructions to activate the PSN and Jumantik movements in the family environment, reactivate the operational working group (pokjanal ) prevention of dengue at the RT, RW, Kelurahan, Subdistrict, and Regency / City levels, as well as to increase the capacity of human resources and infrastructure to conduct early detection and immediate treatment in puskesmas and hospitals.

    "In order for DBD not to be an extraordinary event, there are a number of steps from the Provincial Government, namely making a circular letter from the Governor to the Regents and Mayors, which includes activating eradication of mosquito nests, activating Jumantik in the family environment, activating working groups from the RT RW and "The kelurahan is related to dengue fever, and also increases the capacity of human resources and hospital infrastructure," said David.

    "This circular letter is not just an appeal, but an instruction to monitor the progress of DHF and report it to the Governor," he continued.

    According to the West Java Provincial Health Office, the DHF (Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever) data reported to him until January 31, 2018 recorded 2,461 cases, 18 of them died. The regencies / cities with the highest number of case reports were Depok City (319 cases), Bandung Regency (236 cases), Bandung City (224 cases), West Bandung Regency (277 cases), and Cimahi City (200 cases).

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