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    Bio Farma Director Explained the strategy to achieve the 2019 performance target


    BANDUNG - Managing Director of Bio Farma, M. Rahman Roestan, in the socialization of the 2019 RKAP and RJPP 2018-2022, to all Bio Farma employees and internal stakeholders conveyed their exposure to strategies to achieve the 2019 performance target.

    Rahman Roestan said, with five pillars of acceleration, namely: Acceleration of new products with the spirit of innovation, On-time focused projects, cost control, increasing domestic and global market share and increasing HR competency, Bio Farma is confident that it can reach the targets that have been endorsed stock.

    "Commitment to continue to make smart innovations so that market penetration of new products can be launched on time, coupled with collaboration and synergy with various parties to add new market share, God willing, Bio Farma's target in 2019 can be achieved," said Rahman.

    Rahman added, Bio Farma will continue to boost domestic vaccine sales for the private sector as well as exports, as well as improve access services for the community through Imunicare.

    In this socialization event, there was also a socialization of Corporate Governance (GCG) and the signing of an integrity pact by all Bio Farma employees.

    Increasing global trust in Bio Farma, such as from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as the Center of Excellence for vaccines and Biotechnology, and from within the country to provide vaccines for the National Immunization Program must be followed by good management of the company so that potential violations do not occur. can occur during the process of cooperation with outside parties. (Even)

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