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    Muprov VII West Java Kadin 2019


    CIREBON-Muprov VII West Java Chamber of Commerce this time raised the theme: "Improving the Synergy of the Business World in Sustainable Economic Development Towards West Java Champion". Muprov will conduct a performance evaluation, implement the program, and determine the direction of strategy and general policy for West Java Kadin in the next five years.

    In addition, the other main agenda is the election of the West Java General Chairperson 2019-2024. There are three candidates for chairman, Rudy Rakian, Boris Syaifullah, and Tatan Pria Sudjana.

    The new Chairman of the West Java Kadin is expected to be able to bring West Java entrepreneurs ready to compete globally. Another thing, the new chairman will be able to increase synergy and cooperation with the regional government.

    "The challenges ahead regarding the business world are quite challenging. I hope the Indonesian business community, especially West Java, must be prepared, improve innovation, creativity and professionalism. West Java Kadin in the future must complete and synergize its programs with government programs in driving the regional economy," Message from the General Chairman of West Java Kadin Agung Suryamal.

    "We are entrepreneurs, so we advance productivity, quality, and professionalism," he added.

    This year's Muprov VII West Java Kadin was attended by around 400 participants. Consisting of the Chairperson of Kadin from 27 districts / cities in West Java, as well as 28 associations / associations of entrepreneurs who have been selected to be 16 associations which will be present at the conference.

    Also present at the opening of the West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry, namely Acting. Regent of Cirebon, Deputy Mayor of Cirebon, Deputy of Tourism Destination Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, and General Chair of Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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