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    West Java Implement Fully e-Budget in 2020


    BANDUNG-West Java Provincial Government will fully implement e-Budgeting in 2020.

    Regional Secretary (Sekda) of West Java Province, Iwa Karniwa, said that even though the implementation had only been fully implemented in 2020, the West Java Provincial Government had started since the use of the 2018 Regional Budget.

    "E-Budgeting is planned for 2020 but we have implemented it for the 2018 budget, so that I can monitor what the budget is and its absorption," he said after attending the socialization of the electronic-based government system (SPBE) at Aston Pasteur, Bandung, Thursday (02/07/2019).

    According to him, the implementation of e-Budgeting did not encounter any obstacles considering that he has a special skill ASN related to this system.

    "Hamdallah we have many experts, in Bappeda too, but there are people who control this format system, there are 4, one is in the district. He made the system. We are also assisted by the accelerated development acceleration team," he said.

    According to him, by implementing this system, the governor can monitor the budget directly without having to hold a meeting. Especially the matter of budget absorption in all regional apparatus organizations (OPD).

    "With e-Budgeting the governor does not need to meet often because with this data, everything that wants to be known is known at that time. So that we can quickly detect absorption. If it is faster, it will be faster to push the budget speed absorbed. the volume, "he explained.

    Regarding the implementation of the SPBE, he continued to strengthen and coordinate, especially the preparation of human resources, systems and legal umbrella that made the West Java Diskominfo team work optimally.

    "The follow-up steps in implementing this problem are the same perception, so we do coordination with input from the Ministry of Communication and Information and PAN. This will be discussed in various sides and means to convey information, including network systems and content which are the duty of service related, "he said.

    Having started implementing SPBE, the Secretary requested his staff to improve services such as licensing at the Investment and Integrated One-Stop Service.

    He hoped that if the SPBE had been fully implemented it would lead to a higher absorption of the budget and generate economic stimulus. "So this electronics supports the process of increasing information because the info is much faster, so when there are problems it can make corrections," he said.

    West Java Head of e-Government at Diskominfo, Ika Mardiah, said that there is now Presidential Regulation 95 of 2018 concerning an electronic-based government system (SPBE) that must be socialized.

    "This is new. It was just set in October last year, so there are not many government officials who know. Why is this presidential regulation coming out, because so far in Indonesia it has been assessed that the development or budget for communication information technology is wasteful," he explained.

    According to Ika, the Perpres also emphasizes that regions must have and implement e-Budgeting. "West Java has good integration, as Pak Sekda said, our weaknesses are integration," he said.

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