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    First Training, 'Steel Shirt' Will Develop Potential Craftsmen


    SUBANG REGENCY-Deputy Chairperson of TP PKK West Java Province Lina Marlina Ruzhan officially opened the Initial Champion Bamboo West Java Program Training in the Blanakan Village Hall, Blanakan Subdistrict Subang, Thursday (7/2/19).

    Steel Shirt is a program initiated by the Green Lestari Indonesia (HLI) NGO and the Indonesian Sustainable Green Care Foundation to realize 100 Creative Villages to the West Born Birth Champion.

    Lina conveyed the idea to preserve bamboo as a leverage resource for development, which of course deserves to be supported, especially nowadays bamboo commodities are decreasing.

    "As a tropical country, Indonesia has 254 types of bamboo that have been recognized as biodiversity, of which 54 species are owned by West Java. However, currently there are only 36 types of bamboo which still survive," said Lina.

    "Therefore, there is a need for diversification of bamboo to present efforts to utilize local potential as well as its preservation," he added.

    As a bamboo philosophy that is sturdy, shock resistant, and useful, Lina hopes that this collaboration program will continue to survive and can be transmitted to other districts / cities so that it can give positive colors to the people of West Java.

    "I hope Steel Armor will always be a working partner of the West Java Provincial Government. Like a bamboo philosophy that is sturdy, shock resistant and not easily weathered despite being hit by heat and rain, hopefully with this program we can strengthen each other and certainly also benefit all Lina closed.

    The Head of the Steel Shirt Program, Oki Hikmawan, said that the use of bamboo in West Java is a pilot project and the development of continuous development, so that there is a need for cooperation between parties so that the program can continue.

    "Our members are formed from 27 districts / cities, so far we have met with eight regional heads who also responded well to our intentions," he said.

    "There are 12 bamboo plant seeds that have been developed by Green Lestari Indonesia, the plan is to make a bamboo library. Hopefully with this effort, bamboo will have a high selling value," Oki continued.

    In this training, participants will be able to produce various bamboo creations. Then Green Lestari Indonesia will also help sell the various creations on its official website. In addition, these bamboo products will also be sold in various hotels in West Java.

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