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    Uu Wanted Government and Principal to Connect Like "Magnet"


    CIAMIS - Deputy Governor of West Java Uu Ruzhanul Ulum gave a speech at the Principal Strengthening Managerial Event as well as Gathering together with the Head of State and Private High School / Vocational / Senior High School in Ciamis District and Banjar City, in the Hall of SMA 2 Ciamis Regency, Thursday (7/2/19).

    This meeting, said the Deputy Governor Uu, was for the sake of the establishment of solid coordination between the Government of West Java Province, with education people. Starting from the Principals, Teachers, to the students.

    "We have to connect, like iron meets" Sembrani "(magnet), sticks, even though obstructed by anything, there is still an attraction between iron and marriage," said Uu.

    This is required, said Uu, so that the program carried out by the West Java Provincial Government can be synergistic with that carried out by the school. Because education people are partners of the Government in advancing West Java in this human development sector.

    Furthermore, the Deputy Governor of Uu revealed, the facts in the field that he got, that graduates at the high school level, were the biggest contributors to unemployment.

    Data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), for example, recorded a total workforce of 131.01 million people in August 2018, up 2.95 million compared to August 2017. Details, 124.01 million people are employed, while 7 million unemployed people.

    Judging from the education level in August 2018, the 2018 Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) for Vocational High School (SMK) graduates still dominates compared to other education levels, which is 11.24 percent. The next highest TPT is found in Senior High Schools (SMA) of 7.95 percent.

    "At the level of vocational and high school education there are workers who are not absorbed," said Uu.

    Therefore, continued Uu, education people, especially Principals as leaders, can build relationships with various parties for the advancement of schools, which supports progress for their graduates.

    The principal can hold cooperation with universities for example, so that graduates who are interested in continuing to pursue a Bachelor degree can get certain pathways to be admitted to college.

    Another example, the Principal can build relationships with entrepreneurs, so that graduates who want to enter the workforce can be absorbed as labor.

    "Build relationships, associate with anyone, friendship open up as much fortune as possible. Join with entrepreneurs, universities, officials, politicians, ajengan, with anyone who can bring progress to our education world," said Uu.

    "So that the parents are already selling all buffalo, selling rice fields, selling land for school children, there is a usefulness," he continued.

    Uu also mentioned character education. One of them said, with the launching of the Ajengan Masuk Sekolah (AMS) Program which will begin to be implemented in SMA / SMK West Java in the new academic year 2019.

    "The West Java Provincial Government continues to finalize preparations related to the technical implementation," Uu said.

    The material provided in the AMS program is not fixed on religious lectures, but a similar curriculum as applied in Islamic boarding schools.

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