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    West Java's Export is Highest


    CIREBON-Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita who was present at the Opening of the West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry's VII Muprov said that West Java is still the motor of driving national trade. West Java's trade performance is a surplus of up to $ 17.6 billion.

    "West Java Province contributes a substantial trade surplus for Indonesia of $ 17.6 billion," Enggar said.

    "For this reason, we hope the West Java Chamber of Commerce can take advantage of this momentum," he hoped.

    Excellent products from West Java that sell well in export markets such as sports shoes, vehicle gear boxes, tires, printer machines, to LCD, LED, and display panels.

    However, Enggar also reminded of the danger of moving the manufacturing industry in West Java outside of West Java and even abroad, if a new industrial center is not formed.

    "Industries that have moved from West Java to Central Java have been increasing. And today there are more than 20 industries, some of which are shifting to East Java, not too large," said Enggar.

    "The only triangular solution (Kertajati - Patimban - Cirebon Raya) - what was said by the Governor (Ridwan Kamil), if we want to see the potential in West Java," he explained.

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