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    Maximizing Economic Opportunities, Ridwan Kamil Will Create West Java Merchant Program


    CIREBON REGENCY-To maximize the various economic opportunities that exist in West Java, Governor Ridwan Kamil said his party would have a "West Java Merchant" program. The West Java Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) will be the main partner of this program.

    "The province has a West Java Merchant program. That is our commitment so that economic opportunities in West Java take precedence over entrepreneurs in West Java Kadin," said Emil, Ridwan Kamil's nickname, when met after the opening of VII Kadin Provincial Conference (Muprov) West Java 2019 at Aston Cirebon Hotel, Cirebon Regency, Thursday (7/2/19).

    West Java merchants are expected to be able to encourage economic growth in West Java. In addition, the business world can also be involved in reducing the problem of inequality which has been a major obstacle to development.

    "So, God willing, with my commitment as governor, growth will be more advanced. West Java Chamber of Commerce will also be more advanced as a partner with programs and inequality in West Java will be eliminated," he said.

    For this reason, in his speech Emil stressed that there were five steps taken by the West Java Provincial Government to overcome inequality. Among them: Maximizing infrastructure development, Development of new industrial centers, Increased trade commodities, Development of tourist destination areas, and Development of West Java as a digital province.

    One of the things Emil emphasized on this occasion was the development of a new industrial area or center. In the future the growth center in West Java is in the triangle area of Kertajati - Patimban - Cirebon.

    "We have already declared that the future growth of West Java is in the triangle of Patimban - Kertajati - Cirebon. So, the most advanced, most futuristic, most extraordinary regions will be in the triangle," Emil said.

    "All of our labor-intensive industries will be centered in this area (Kertajati-Patimban-Cirebon triangle), so that it will not be searched all over West Java. Today the labor-intensive industries move a lot because of wages. "Central Java or Vietnam by providing a suitable place, adequate in this zone," he explained.

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