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    Uu Asked for the Principal in West Java Clever to Associate


    GARUT-Pendidikan, is one of the development sectors prioritized by the West Java Provincial Government. The Deputy Governor of West Java, Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said, this was important to accelerate the vision and mission of West Java as a province of Born and Inner Champion.

    The Deputy Governor Uu said that the advancement of the education sector would support other development indices such as health and the economy.

    "Education is the key to success," said Uu, at the Head of School Principal's Managerial Strengthening Event as well as the Joint Gathering of State and Private High School / Vocational / Middle School Principals throughout the Regency. Garut, Wednesday (6/2/19).

    In achieving the expected progress, continued Uu, it requires solidarity and togetherness, as well as support from all West Java education personnel.

    "We want to build an emotional connection with you, because you are partners for us," he said.

    On this occasion, the Deputy Governor Uu requested that the Principals be good at getting along. So that they are able to open horizons and insight into thinking, so that there is a progressive educational climate.

    "Engage with businessmen, officials, politicians, and ulama. Until there is motivation, and spread success stories to students, so they can change the paradigm of thinking of students about their potential," the Deputy Governor of West Java said.

    That way the teacher does not only focus on the value of numbers and diplomas in each educational process. But also soft skills, and the usefulness of the knowledge they have to practice in social life. Until the presence of human beings with character and morality.

    This is important, Uu stressed, with associations that expand relations, the school is able to collaborate with various parties that can make schools grow. In addition, mentioning the issue of employment, it is also expected that with relations, graduates, vocational schools in particular can be absorbed by those who work with schools as workers.

    To support moral and character development, West Java Province also presents the Ajengan Masuk Sekolah (AMS) Program which will begin to be implemented in high school / vocational school in the new academic year 2019. Even now, the West Java Provincial Government continues to finalize the regulations related to technical implementation.

    For the initial stage, in its implementation, ajengan or clerics will teach directly to students. But it does not rule out the possibility of collaborating with Islamic Religious Education (PAI) teachers.

    "Later, if the religious teacher can, why can't we collaborate with PAI teachers at school," he said.

    The material provided in the AMS program is not just a religious lecture but will be the same as the curriculum applied in boarding schools.

    "The technicalities are like in the Islamic boarding school, so the curriculum also has yellow books and others so they know," explained Uu.

    Regarding the program that will be involved in the program, Uu submitted it entirely to the MUI. The ajengan which will be prioritized is domiciled near the school.

    "Ajengan or the clerics do not see the diploma as experienced and they are legalized by the MUI, so the one who has the right to appoint his assistant is MUI," said Uu.

    The aim of the other AMS programs is to ward off vulnerable radicalism among adolescents and eliminate children's decadence or moral deterioration.

    "God willing, with an intense religious education can be improved. Indeed, there is already religious education in schools, but clearly it will not collide with the existing curriculum," said Uu.

    Head of West Java Education Agency (Dewi), Sartika, also explained that in the next five years, the education sector in West Java will also focus on access to educational equity, quality of education service quality, and relevance of SMK to industry, or employment.

    In addition, Ike, Kadisdik's nickname, also touched on facilities, school infrastructure that supported the presence of a civilized educational environment.

    "Small examples, such as cleanliness of toilets in the school environment, cleanliness of tidiness of the environment, it also includes the face of our education," he said.

    Ike also reminded the school parties, regarding readiness to face the Computer-Based National Examination (UNBK), to be prepared as well as possible.

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