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    Anti Narcotics Statement is Important!


    BANDUNG-Head of the West Java Provincial National Narcotics Agency (BNNP) Sufyan Syarif stated that the declaration or statement of an anti-drug institution is very important. The importance of the declaration is at least to take precautions from the start.

    "Yes, it becomes a drug besides eradicating what we are doing massively with the police and the military. What's more important is prevention. How do people not want or use this need a container or system. The norms that apply in the community include the campus environment," he said .

    According to Sufyan, here it is moved to have endurance and not be affected by narcotics. In the campus environment, the Chancellor was handed over to manage the norms in each campus environment.

    "The campus environment is important because the target of drugs is productive age, and that is the age of students," Sufyan said.

    According to Sufyan, drugs are currently distributing information or trade through social media or social media.

    "So one of the entry of drugs with social media. Our efforts are also with social media. We are together with all the components of society, all ages," he explained.

    West Java has a population of 42 million and most in Indonesia, its productive age is 20 million people, and narcotics users are 60 percent in productive age.

    "We must keep this productive age unaffected by narcotics users because at any time people can be affected by drug users," he explained.

    This was expressed by Sufyan Syarif while attending the Declaration of the Anti Narcotics Campus at Sanggabuana University YPKP Jl. Suci Bandung, Wednesday (02/06/2019). (Even)

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