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    Free Ticket Booking for Galunggung Train Must Be Direct


    BANDUNG-PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI) confirms that free ticket reservations for the Galunggung Railway in Bandung (Kiaracondong Station) Tasikmalaya can only be ordered directly (Go-Show).

    PT KAI's Managing Director, Edi Sukmoro said, starting February 3, 2019, the free Galunggung train ticket that could originally be booked seven days before departure, can now only be ordered on the go-show departure day and can be canceled rescheduled.

    "Changes to this rule are in order to provide opportunities for people who really need and want to try KA Galunggung," he said.

    According to Edi, when KA Galunggung tickets can still be booked H-7 before departure, there are not a few found that there are passengers who order tickets, but do not depart and they do not cancel the ticket to the station.

    "Passengers who do not confirm the cancellation as a result there are empty Galunggung train seats but the system is up," Edi said, at the Bandung Station, Tuesday (05/02).

    Edi stated, the length of time the application of free tickets on train trips is a new thing in the world of railways in Indonesia, and this is one way to introduce us to the public.

    "This strategy is one way to increasingly introduce and increase people's love for trains," he said. (Parno)

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