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    Tahura Will Be Developed To Be A Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD)


    BANDUNG-Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa said that in order to facilitate the development of Tahura, it would encourage Tahura to become a Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD). This step, said Iwa, is already in the process so he asks all relevant stakeholders to continue to be proactive. It is planned that the development of Tahura to become a BLUD will be completed in the first trimester of 2019.

    "The next steps to be more flexible in its development, Tahura will be developed into a Regional Public Service Agency. Now in the process, therefore all stakeholders must be proactive," Iwa said after leading the morning applause at the West Java Provincial Forestry Office, Bandung, Monday (4/2/19).

    The process of forming the BULD has begun to be pioneered. "I have disposition to the Organization Bureau, so that in the first quarter this should be a BLUD, so that the cooperation of the head of the office will be more flexible," he said.

    According to him this step is in order to support the West Java target to have 12,000 hectares of forest.

    In the future, unproductive land will be reforested by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry in collaboration with the Forestry Service.

    With this effort, it is expected that in 2019 the replacement of land will be completed at least 7,000 hectares as the first stage.

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