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    Inauguration, 27 Mother of West Java PAUD Ready to Develop PAUD


    BANDUNG - The Mother of West Java Province Early Childhood Education (PAUD), Atalia Praratya Kamil, confirmed the 27 West Java District / City PAUD Mother in 2019 in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Bandung, Monday (4/2/19).

    According to Atalia, Early Childhood Education Development (PAUD) can deliver West Javanese children to be smart and healthy. Efforts to achieve these goals require the support of many parties. Therefore, the Mother of PAUD was also present to ensure that the policies made also included support for the development of early childhood education.

    "Therefore, the role of the Mother of PAUD is in accordance with how a mother is. They must be able to encourage, protect, protect, as well as fight especially for the improvement of PAUD teachers themselves," Atalia said.

    Atalia added, out of around 9 million toddlers throughout West Java, only 11% or around 900,000 of them were served by Early Childhood Education (PAUD). This means that there is still a lot to be done by his party, especially together to encourage in order to improve access and quality of early education services so that every Indonesian child especially in West Java gets teaching instruction that is in line with the development of his age.

    "From the data, around 35 thousand PAUD institutions are indeed indeed we have to equalize, in the sense that there are still many villages and villages that do not have PAUD institutions," he added.

    West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil, who also attended said, the strategic role and function of the Mother of PAUD has indeed become a concern of the West Java Provincial Government in realizing the availability of quality PAUD services.

    Emil, as he is familiar, advised the Mother of PAUD that had been confirmed to instill education in accordance with the times in the field of digital technology and information. One thing to watch out for is the swift information through the internet.

    "These children are the owners of the future. We must continue to innovate because the future has a logical way of new dynamics," he said.

    "This digital revolution and technology have two sides, good and bad. Don't let our children time to see their mother / father's or sister's cellphone, so he forgets to interact in a balanced way with nature, the environment and things that are educational , "Emil continued.

    As a direction from the Ministry of Education and Culture, West Java Province has now launched a Quality PAUD National Movement. Because according to him, early childhood is having high brain development, so it can be maximized as a smarter generation.

    In addition, Emil also asked for help and cooperation from the Mother of PAUD to be able to monitor children's growth and development, especially in matters related to stunting.

    "According to the results of the study, children affected by stunting are usually shorter. Because physical and brain growth is hampered, making children have weak competitiveness, cannot compete with children who are not stunting," Emil said.

    Finally, Emil advised that the District / City PAUD Mother be a leader who intervenes instead of pointing hands. "The mothers diligently go down to see first hand, don't wait for reports from subordinates. Sometimes the good ones are reported down, even though it's not like that," he concluded.

    Next is the Mother of PAUD District / City officially confirmed:

    1. Hj. Yane Ardian, S.E. (Mother of PAUD Kota Bogor)
    2. Ade Yasin (Mother of PAUD Bogor District)
    3. Dra. Hj. Yani Jatnika Marwan, M.Pd. (Mother of PAUD Sukabumi District)
    4. Hj. Fitri Hayati Fahmi, S.Ag. M.M.Pd. (Mother of PAUD Sukabumi City)
    5. Hj. Anita Sincayani Herman (Mother of PAUD Cianjur District)
    6. Dra. Hj. Elly Farida (Mother of PAUD Kota Depok)
    7. Hj. Holilah Eka Supria Atmaja (Bunda PAUD Bekasi District)
    8. Hj. Gunarti Rahmat Effendi (Mother of PAUD Kota Bekasi)
    9. Dr. Hj. Cellica Nurrachadiana (Bunda PAUD Karawang District)
    10. Hj. Entin Suhartini Aming (Mother of PAUD Purwakarta Regency)
    11. Hj. Yoyoh Sopiah Ruhimat (Mother of PAUD Subang District)
    12. Ginawati Limansyah (Mother of PAUD Cirebon City)
    13. Hj. Ir. Diah Utami, M.T. (Mother of PAUD Cirebon District)
    14. Hj. Nani Indriyani Supendi (Bunda PAUD Kab Indramayu)
    15. Hj. Ika Siti Rahmatika Acep Purnama, S.E. (Bunda PAUD Kuningan District)
    16. Dra. Hj. Dedeh Karna Sobahi, M.Pd. (Mother of PAUD Majalengka District)
    17. Hj. Siti Muntamah, S.AP (Mother of PAUD Kota Bandung)
    18. Hj. Rd. Roro Lucyani (Mother of PAUD Kota Cimahi)
    19. Hj. Kurnia Dadang M. Naser (Mother of PAUD Bandung District)
    20. Hj. Susi Gantini, S.Si. (Mother of PAUD Sumedang District)
    21. Hj. Diah Kurniasari (Mother of PAUD Garut Regency)
    22. Dra. Hj. Eti Atiah (Mother of PAUD Kota Tasikmalaya)
    23. Hj. Ai Diantani Sugianto, S.H., M.Kn (Bunda PAUD Tasikmalaya District)
    24. Hj. Ai Elah Rohila (Mother of PAUD Ciamis District)
    25. Dr. Hj. Ade UU Sukaesih, M.Sc. (Mother of PAUD Kota Banjar)
    26. Hj. Yuyun Yuningsih Aa Umbara (Bunda PAUD West Bandung District)
    27. Hj. Ida Nurlaela Wiradinata (Bunda PAUD Pangadaran District)

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