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    Deputy Governor Uu: Education Becomes a Priority Scale in West Java


    INDRAMAYU REGENCY-The education sector, especially secondary education (SMA / SMK) will be a priority in development in West Java in the next five years.

    West Java Deputy Governor Uu Ruzhanul Ulum said this was important to accelerate the vision and mission of West Java as a province of Born and Inner Champion.

    "Education will be a priority scale in the success of West Java. Why? If great education will automatically increase the people's economy, public health will increase," he said at the Strengthening of Leadership of SMA and SMK / SLB Heads of State and Private Branches in Region IX of West Java Province in the NU Kaplongan Vocational Hall, Karangampel, Indramayu Regency, Saturday (2/2/19).

    In the context of heading towards West Java the Born and Inner Champion, said Uu, requires solidarity and togetherness of all parties. For this reason, Uu said that his party needed support from all education people in West Java.

    "We want to build an emotional relationship with the father / mother (education personnel), because you are a partner for us, so that our program can be assisted by all of you," Uu asked in front of hundreds of high school / vocational / SLB principals and supervisors. all Region IX covering Indramayu and Majalengka Regencies.

    On this occasion, the Deputy Governor of Uu advised that principals and teachers are able to open the horizons and insights of students' thinking, and be able to change the paradigm of thinking of students about their potential. That way the teachers do not only emphasize numerical values ??and diplomas in every educational process.

    This is important, considering the number of open unemployment in West Java is dominated by high school / vocational school graduates. Uu emphasized that schools make entrepreneurship education programs and MoUs with various companies that can absorb high school / vocational high school graduates.

    "Schools must hold an MoU with companies that can absorb high school / vocational high school graduates. The principals must make programs so that graduates do not get unemployed," he pleaded.

    Another message, Uu requested that the school can build the moral and character of students. According to him, the key to the success of a student at school should not only be seen from academic values, but also the character and morals.

    "Give a moral message and the content of religious values ??to build the character of the students. This will reduce the moral decadence of the students," Uu said.

    A similar sentiment was also conveyed by the Head of the West Java Provincial Education Office's Senior High School Development Section, Yesa Sarwedi, who was also present to accompany the Deputy Governor of Uu. He said that the focus of developing the world of education in West Java in the next five years is character education.

    "One of the focuses of the development of high school / vocational / high school education in West Java in the next five years is character education," said Yesa in his speech.

    Yesa added that the number of SMA / SMK / SLB in West Java was 4,700 school units. While for Region IX which covers Indramayu and Majalengka Regencies, there are approximately 286 school units.

    "I hope we have a vision of a mission to advance West Java in the fields of economy, health, and other fields through education," Uu said at the end of his direction.

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