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    Private Higher Education Must Exceed National Standards for Higher Education


    BANDUNG - A total of 225 Private Higher Education Leaders whose accreditation status was accredited superior, very good, and both attended the Higher Education Policy Coordination Meeting and Region IV Higher Education Institution Work Program (LLDIKTI) Program, in LLDIKTI Training Building Region IV Jatinangor.

    Entin Hartini, Head of the General Section of the LLDIKTI Region IV, said that the Coordination Meeting was the second coordination meeting after the first phase was held on January 24, 2019 in an effort to facilitate higher education quality and socialization of the achievements of the Region IV for LLDIKTI. year ahead.

    "The coordination meeting is a means of delivering the achievements of Region IV LLDIKTI performance and PTS performance based on the results of monitoring and evaluation that have been implemented in 2018," Entin said, when opening the LLDIKTI Coordination Meeting on Thursday (31/02).

    Meanwhile, Head of Region IV LLDIKTI, Uman Suherman said, there were about 242 PTS in West Java and Banten that had not been accredited so they were required to meet the National Higher Education Standards (SNPT), even exceeding them.

    "The PTS is required to fulfill the SNPT, even to exceed it, because the community will declare that each campus has a different quality seen from the accreditation obtained," he said.

    Uman hoped that all PTS must work optimally to meet the set performance targets which would have a direct impact on improving the quality of higher education.

    "With good quality, of course the PTS will become a place of study that is liked by the community," he said. (Parno)\

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