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    Kemensos Asked to Accelerate the Disability Bill Discussion


    BANDUNG - The 22nd Plenary Session of Parliament Session Period III was held on Thursday afternoon, on March 17, 2016. On that occasion, several bills have been approved to be taken to the second level to be discussed with the government, one of which is the Disability Bill.

    The presence of the bill is expected to be completed soon in order to support persons with disabilities. This law still requires time to compile more detailed in implementing regulation, in the form of 15 Government Regulation and two Presidential Decree. It thus revealed by Member of the House of Representatives Commission VIII of the PKS faction Fikri Faqih, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (18/3).

    Referring to the regulations, Fikri said that Social Minister will summarise the rule, into 11 PP and 1 Permensos. Hopefully, the plan could be published soon to provide legal certainty for Persons with Disabilities.

    Things to note in the Disability Bill, the Government will provide a guarantee of legal certainty for persons with disabilities. It is expected to soon be fulfilled. It was an effort to ensure the state perspective to persons with disabilities are no longer using the charity approach, but genuine protection to the people of the country as a whole.

    "Disability Bill which is currently in the process of the revision of the Act number 4 of 1997 on disability were still using charity-based approach. This law also contains criminal matter are cumulative, which contains fines and imprisonment. In order of fulfilment persons with disabilities to be effective.


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