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    Required Combination of Academics and Practitioners in teaching at the University


    BANDUNG-High Education Technology & Research Minister M. Nasir said universities must be able to move quickly so that they are not left behind by very fast IT development. One of them is by making changes to the curriculum and teaching system.

    One thing that needs to be done is to bring practitioners into the campus to provide their knowledge to students. If this is done, according to him, it will produce extraordinary results in the world of higher education.

    "Indeed, there are teacher rules that must be master's degree, but in the future it doesn't have to be like that. Even if only a S1 diploma or D3 or D4 but has experience or a practitioner, can teach, can be a lecturer," he explained at ITB, Friday (1/2).

    He said the education curriculum must follow the changing times and inhibiting rules, according to him he would delete and replace with new rules that could accelerate the development of universities in Indonesia. Even if you need to create a study program that supports the creation of the latest IT graduates.

    While the ITB Chancellor Kadarsyah Suryadi said that the special study program actually existed, but only for the S2 level.

    "We open input from practitioners, especially to determine what kind of study program is needed in the future," he said. Jo

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