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    Student Exchange, Efforts to Create Peace Between ASEAN Countries



    BANDUNG - Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil received visits from students participating in student exchange or exchange of several schools in Bandung City and schools in Cotabato City, Philippines, at Gedung Sate Bandung on Friday (1/2/19)

    In front of dozens of equal high school students, Ridwan Kamil shared his experience of being a leader. He also provides a deeper understanding of Indonesia's diversity and especially the conditions of West Java.

    Student exchange is a program that has been carried out since Ridwan Kamil became Mayor of Bandung and will continue to the future.

    "This program is my initiative when I was Mayor of Bandung," said Emil, the Governor's greeting.

    The goal is to create more peace between Asean countries in the future. So that when they become leaders in the future, they can better understand the conditions of their friendly countries.

    "There is no harm in exchanging young people so that later when they lead in their respective countries they can understand more deeply the conditions of their friendly countries," Emil said.

    Emil said, with the communication built since he was young, it was hoped that the Asean country would be more peaceful and conducive.

    "With communication built since we were young, it is hoped that our ASEAN will be more peaceful and conducive. This is also an investment," he said.

    This student exchange program was participated in by Senior High School 2, Senior High School 3, Senior High School 5 and Senior High School 8 in Bandung City with a number of schools in Cotabato. Furthermore, in addition to Bandung this program will be carried out by other schools in West Java with other ASEAN countries.

    "We focus first on the city of Kota, so this is the City of Bandung with the City of Cotabato in the Philippines, later if it is West Java, it will be the Province again," he explained

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