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    Audiencing with Private, Iwa Regional Secretary Discusses Coconut Investment


    BANDUNG - Regional Secretary (Secretary) of West Java Province Iwa Karniwa conducted an audience with representatives of the Salim Group in the Ciremai Meeting Room, Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (1/2/19).

    In this meeting, the Iwa Regional Secretary representing the Government of West Java Province and the Salim Group discussed investment in coconut. According to Iwa, this will be very beneficial so that it can improve people's welfare.

    "In order to improve the welfare of the people of West Java, the West Java Provincial Government will focus on commodities that on a scale of economics allow accelerating the welfare of the people of West Java, one of which concerns coconut," he said.

    According to data collected by the Plantation Office of West Java Province in 2017, the coconut needed by the company in West Java is around 300,000 items / day. While most coconut production centers are in Kab. Pangandaran, Kab. Cianjur, Kab. Ciamis, and Kab. Tasikmalaya only has an area of 151,113 hectares with a total coconut production of around 91,618 tons.

    From the data, an area of ??150,360 Ha is a smallholder farmer around 665,144 households, 1,058 farmer groups, and one farmer association.

    "So this is quite large but in terms of productivity and welfare. So that almost three million West Java residents can live only from coconut," continued Iwa.

    Ciamis Regency has an area of 32,647 ha with a total production of 98,655,000 kg and a number of granules of 29,596,500. Whereas Cianjur Regency has an area of 8,084 hectares with a total production of 20,770,000 kg and a number of granules of 6,231,000.

    As for Pangandaran Regency with an area of 25,575 ha, a total production of 62,965,000 kg, and a number of granules of 18,889,500. As well as Tasikmalaya Regency has an area of 31,020 Ha, total production of 138,270,000 with a number of granules of coconut 41,481,000 pieces.

    With this wide distribution, to optimize coconut production, the collaboration built with the Salim Group will be in the form of a plasma core approach.

    This is done to be efficient, so that in the future, coconut trees belonging to residents will be managed by the Salim Group.

    "So basically there is an investment to build a garden that has a production process (factory). So that there will be continuity of supply," said Iwa.

    "With this, it is expected that the coconut produced by the people can be purchased at a fair price. Because of our principle of how to reduce poverty," he added.

    Coconut products can be granules, copra (dried coconut), deres (tapped as raw material for brown sugar), and degan (young coconut for consumption).

    The plan is that the production will be exported to the United States and Europe. At present, the West Java Provincial Government and the Salim Group will coordinate with PTPN VIII to determine the land. According to Iwa, the land use of PTPN VIII is already appropriate because so far many PTPN VIII land has been less productive.

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