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    Governor Ridwan Kamil Inaugurated 105 Structural Officials, Majority of Ex BKPP


    BANDUNG-Governor of West Java Ridwan Kamil inaugurated 105 structural officials in the West Java Provincial Government, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate, Friday (1/2/19). The number consisted of four Echelon II officials and 101 Echelon III and IV officials.

    Most of the officials who were appointed were displaced from the four Regional Development and Development Coordination Bodies (BKPP) which have now been abolished.

    "A total of 105 officials, the majority of which came from BKPP which indeed did not exist anymore or were dissolved so that we distributed to all existing Regional Organizations according to their capacity, experience or competence. So there was no Civil Servant that did not get a position early again, "said Ridwan Kamil when interviewed after inaugurating.

    Emil, as he said, revealed that the new position had been properly calculated and through fair analysis. He hopes that the appointed officials can realize the new vision and mission within the next 5 years and fulfill their leadership targets.

    "I hope that with the new vision and mission for the next 5 years they can become productive machines and focus on the targets that I leave," he said.

    As always, when inaugurating, Emil always emphasizes 3 things that the ASN must have. First is integrity or service.

    "So please remember again the intention to be an ASN is service, the intention is to provide services not to be served or to request improper facilities," he said.

    Secondly, you must serve wholeheartedly. According to Emil, ASN's happiness was found when people were grateful for their sweat and hard work. Third, ASN must continue to be professional. Emil advised, ASN should never stop learning because government science is now increasingly complex.

    "Learning more about linguistics, digital science, learning more about social theories that are just learning again what is millennial, what is dynamic governance and much more that must be learned," he pleaded.

    He warned, if the three things were not done then the ASNs inaugurated would be re-evaluated.

    "If it is not implemented, do not expect that their career and work in the government will be long because I and the community will judge," he said.

    At the end of the inauguration, the Governor handed over the award to the former Head of the Tourism and Culture Office Ida Hernida and the former Head of Sonny Adisudarma's Public Relations and Protocol Bureau who had just entered the full term of duty.

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