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    National Consumer Day 2019 Will Be Celebrated in West Java


    JAKARTA - The peak of the Commemoration of National Consumer Day (Harkornas), the plan will be celebrated in the city of Bandung, West Java, around March 2019. The Harkonas commemoration is a special day related to the protection of consumer rights.

    In this case, the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, stated that the state sought to be present in terms of consumer empowerment. This is because consumers are often the ones who are often weak and unable to fight for their interests.

    "Including I have bought goods, but not according to expectations, now things like this, how can we easily complain, as consumers," said Emil, calling the Governor.

    Referring to Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, the Harkonas celebration is to increase consumer understanding of their rights and obligations.

    In addition, through Harkonas, consumers are expected to be the subject of determinants of economic activity, while presenting smart consumers who love domestic products.

    "We support and thank you, West Java was chosen as the host of the 2019 National Consumer Day," he said.

    Emil said that the consumer class in Indonesia, especially in West Java, has a strong purchasing power. Even though this power is expected to double in 11 years. Indicating that protection of consumers must be strengthened.

    "We will launch this awareness in March 2019, the date will follow, at the same time there will be the inauguration of the traditional metrology and market office," he said.

    "West Java also represents the largest consumer because the population is almost 50 million people, meaning 20 percent is Indonesia," Emil continued.

    In addition, digital trade in West Java is also high. Signifying protection for digital consumers also needs to be mixed in such a way.

    The Indonesian Minister of Trade (Mendag), Enggartiasto Lukita, said that the National Consumer Day Activities will be held in Bandung. At that time, around 250 metrology offices will be inaugurated.

    "This time, Harkonas with the logo and mascot of West Java, there is local wisdom that is highlighted," he said.

    The Harkonas logo in 2019 West Java is a dolphin fish, which uses iket, and a typical West Javanese sarong. Dolphins are chosen because they are known as intelligent animals, indicating consumers must also be smart in shopping.

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